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Lumbar Spondylosis (Low Backache)
Duration :
14 days minimum Min
* Suitable treatment plan & duration will be decided after Initial consultation by our doctors
Green leafy vegetables should be incorporated in the diet as they provide fiber which improves digestion and elimination of wastes. Avoid cold spicy food items.

Cancellation Policy:
For Cancellation Information Please contact Customer Support

Lumbar Spondylosis (Low Backache)

Pain felt in the lower or upper back, caused by injury, over stress or other diseases ,conditions affecting bony spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine and discs, spinal inflammation, inflammation of spinal cord and nerves, muscles, internal organs of pelvis, chest and abdomen. Symptoms: Muscular ache, Shooting or stabbing pain, radiating pain to the legs, Limited flexibility or range of movement of the back.

Internal Medicines:
  • Rasnasapthakam kashayam
  • Gulguluthikthakm kashayam
  • Cheriya rasnadi kashayam Yogarajaguggulu
  • Gandharvahasthadi avanakkenna
  • Gandha thailam

External therapies:
  • Abhayanaga
  • Different bundle treatments
  • Pizhichil


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