Psoriasis.. Is it Curable?!

Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin. These skin patches are typically red, itchy, and scaly. Psoriasis varies in severity from small, localized patches to complete body coverage. Injury to the skin can trigger psoriatic skin changes at that spot, which is known as the Koebner phenomenon.

There are five main types of psoriasis: plaque, guttate, inverse, pustular, and erythrodermic. Plaque psoriasis, also known as psoriasis vulgaris, makes up about 90 percent of cases. It typically presents as red patches with white scales on top. Areas of the body most commonly affected are the back of the forearms, shins, navel area, and scalp. Guttate psoriasis has drop-shaped lesions. Pustular psoriasis presents as small non-infectious pus-filled blisters. Inverse psoriasis forms red patches in skin folds. Erythrodermic psoriasis occurs when the rash becomes very widespread, and can develop from any of the other types. Fingernails and toenails are affected in most people with psoriasis at some point in time. This may include pits in the nails or changes in nail color.

Psoriasis is generally thought to be a genetic disease that is triggered by environmental factors. In twin studies, identical twins are three times more likely to be affected compared to non-identical twins. This suggests that genetic factors predispose to psoriasis. Symptoms often worsen during winter and with certain medications, such as beta blockers or NSAIDs. Infections and psychological stress can also play a role. Psoriasis is not contagious. The underlying mechanism involves the immune system reacting to skin cells. Diagnosis is typically based on the signs and symptoms.

What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is an ancient, holistic form of treatment. It originated in northern India. Ayurveda is based on the premise that good health depends on a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It relies heavily on herbal remedies and living a healthy lifestyle, which includes:
• a healthy diet
• exercise such as yoga
• meditation
• detoxification
Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that every person has a distinct energy pattern made of three types of energies. These energies are known as doshas, and include:
• vata energy, which controls bodily functions
• pitta energy, which controls metabolic functions
• kapha energy, which controls growth in the body
Ayurveda practitioners believe if your doshas are out of balance, you may feel stressed or become sick. The goal of Ayurveda is to keep your doshas balanced for optimal health.
Ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatment

Management of Psoriasis is not very easy but not impossible. Modern science quickly takes the resort of steroids. This could worsen the condition as the disease which is on the skin gets into the deeper tissues because it is being suppressed. The major complications are psoriatic arthritis and psoriatic heart. The primary focus is to see that the condition doesn’t progress and lead to these complications. Thorough cleansing of the body is a must in patients suffering from psoriasis. After this only the rejuvenation happens. A comprehensive and wholesome approach is necessary to handle this condition. Immunity has to be improved for better results and this happens automatically after the detoxification done by experts.

Although the root cause of the disease is yet to be identified, according to traditional Ayurveda, the vitiation of Vata and Kapha causes psoriasis. As per Ayurvedic principles, Vata and Kapha are the two basic energies that uphold the balance of our body equilibrium. Strong genetic predisposition, sun deprivation, and intense streptococcal infection on the upper respiratory tract can badly aggravate psoriasis. As per Ayurveda, these conditions are strong enough to create several visible pathological changes that take place are mainly due to the accumulation of dooshivishas or low potency poisons.

Uneven and unhealthy food habits, consumption of foodstuffs in the wrong combination (Example: dairy products with fish or chicken), too much intake of yogurt, black gram, seafood, sour or salted food stuffs, etc. can trigger the psoriasis inducing pathogenesis. Other catalysts that cause psoriasis includes stress, alcohol, and tobacco consumption

Psoriasis can be effectively treated through Panchakarma therapies, which include Ayurvedic treatment methods for the complete detoxification of the body, and successful elimination of harmful toxins from the body fluids. Purification of blood and tissues is the primary aim of Ayurvedic treatment in cases of Psoriasis. Toxins are cleansed from the body and the digestion restored to prevent further accumulation. Nourishing herbs are then administered to strengthen and tone the tissues to promote complete healing of the skin.

The treatment for psoriasis is decided based on the following factors:
• The seriousness of the disease
• The type of psoriasis
• The size and intensity of psoriasis patches
• How the affected patients will react to the medicines and treatments
Steps for Psoriasis Treatment in Ayurveda:
Steps 1 – First of all, blood purifiers are given to the patients to reduce increased toxins inside the body. Neem Capsule and few herbal powders & Rishthas in classical medicines are famous for this thing.
Steps 2 – Secondly, emphasis moves toward liver care. Detoxification of liver is done through various therapies like Vamana / Virechana which in turn improves the immunity of the body.
Steps 3 – Wrong anti-biotics & anti – histamines are avoided with the help of herbal natural medicines so as to avoid their side effects on various parts of our body. Deep Ayurveda has its effective herbal medicines which performs the same task as done by anti – biotics & anti – histamines without having any side effects like Gandak Rasayan, Panchtikt Ghrit Guggul, Chander Prabha Vati etc.
Steps 4 – Various herbal medicated oils & formulations have been prepared for traditional ayurvedic treatment at our all clinic having almost all the benefits like anti – allergic, anti – fungal, anti – bacterial & anti – biotics.
Steps 5 – Rejuvenation of cells is done through immune boosters & modulator herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Brahmi etc.
Steps 6 – At last, Ayurveda emphasizes on the proper rejuvenation, relaxation & toning of nervous system through various neuro- tonic herbs like Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Jatamansi, Tagar, etc. Following potent herbal medicines are very effective for this purpose:- Nervocare Herbal capsules, Brahmi Vati, Brahmi ghrit, Ashwagandha churan etc.
Diet & Lifestyle Advice
• Avoid consuming opposite foods.
• Do not control natural urges like vomiting, urination, bowels, etc.
• Do not take cold water bath immediately after a heavy workout, traveling, a long walk, etc.
• Take care not to consume foods which cause indigestion.
• Absolutely do not eat too much of salty, sour or acidic foods.
• Avoid sleeping in afternoons.
• Say no to radish, sesame, jaggery (gur), curds, fish and other sour foods.

Why Ayurvedic Treatment is Better Than Various Modern Treatment for Psoriasis ?
• Other medicines just manage the problem for a short while, give instant relief but do not cure it permanently. These medicines have side –effects also like excessive use of them make some bacteria & viruses in our body irresponsive to these medicines. This in turn leads to various multi organs diseases & in most of these cases, psoriasis ultimately leads to Rheumatic Psoriatic Arthritis & other serious chronic condition. Whereas, Ayurveda always find the root cause of the problem & move step wise to find the actual problem & then treat it along with proper internal healing of the body organs.
• Other medicines have the tendency to start a vicious circle of treatments by increasing the stages of a disease. Once you take it, you’ll slowly get addicted to them & regular use of most of these medicines has its worst effect on our immune system & metabolism. One medicine will cure a specific problem for a short while but will lead to another problem like having bad effect on liver or other organ & then again we need to take medicine for that new disorder caused. But as far as Ayurveda is concerned, finding the root cause is always the first step & then that cause is managed & treated without having any side effect along with strengthening of that very disease prone organ. This decreases the stages of diseases & permanently solves that problem & indirectly Psoriasis Treatment in Ayurevda & Panchkarma is even decreasing the chances of any future health problem by complete healing of that very organ which ensures proper functioning of it.
• As far as a research done by Medical Researchers, there is not an exact cause of Psoriasis and hence it has no cure they said “when it comes to Psoriasis, Modern Medicine is absolutely inadequate”. Yet our immune system & genes can contribute to this situation & Ayurveda do wonderful work in this case with some of its miraculous herbs to improve the immune system of the body & to provide strength to the genes & body hormones.
Home Remedies
• Cover the affected part with a fresh thin banana leaf.
• Take 15-20 sesame seeds and soak in a glass of water. Keep it overnight and drink on an empty stomach early in the morning.
• Take 1-2 cup of bitter gourd juice on empty stomach in the morning. Continue this for 5-6 months. Patient may add a tablespoon of lime juice, if they find it difficult to digest the bitter taste.

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